Custom made products

Technical department 

Our technical department leads production towards in- novative solutions and it works at the disposal to our customers’ requests.

The experience collected through the years allows us to achieve high flexibility, thanks to the use of the latest generation digital technologies.

We have the ability to design and produce housings on demand, putting our skills at the customer’s service to meet the specific needs of each one through the deve- lopment of customized projects.

We are specialized in the design of dies using CAD / CAM systems, starting from the realization of the first prototypes through soft-tools and managing the mass production.

Finally, the strict checks carried out on the individual components ensure the most accurate dimensional to- lerance.

This phase involves the verification of the mechanical parts through the aid of a 3D machine in the metrology room, which allows us to guarantee the required quali- ty, reliability and standardization requirements.

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